Personalising Your eCommerce Storefront; Leveraging Twitter and Instagram for B2B; and Increasing Cross-Border Sales

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Using Personalisation to Boost Sales in Your B2B eCommerce Storefront

Your B2B buyers expect a consistent, personal experience in your online eCommerce storefront that is similar to what they experience as consumers in the B2C sector. By implementing the 4 P’s of personalisation, you can give your B2B customers the experience they expect, while boosting sales and keeping up with the competition at the same time. Read on

Leverage the Power of Twitter for Your B2B Business

Did you know that 67% of B2B businesses use Twitter as a digital marketing tool, and 93% of people who follow small and medium-size businesses on the popular social media platform plan to buy from them? Twitter might seem a little risky to some B2B businesses, but if you understand its inner workings and use it correctly, the rewards are many. Read on

How to Increase Cross-Border Sales With eCommerce

Is your B2B eCommerce business looking to maximise its global presence and build trust with international customers? When you present your online B2B eCommerce storefront in your customer’s native language with localised pricing, you provide a better customer experience that translates to higher engagement and customer satisfaction rates. Read on

10 Ways to Make Instagram Work for Your B2B Business

With over 1 billion users (200 million of which visit a business profile every single day), Instagram is a mecca of untapped potential for B2B businesses. According to Content Marketing Institute, Instagram is an effective network for 30% of B2B companies who use the social network to build brand awareness, engage with their audience and attract new customers. Read on

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Cloud-based #eCommerce Platform for Smart #B2B Businesses | The Easiest Way to Receive and Process Your #B2Bsales Orders

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B2B Wave

B2B Wave

Cloud-based #eCommerce Platform for Smart #B2B Businesses | The Easiest Way to Receive and Process Your #B2Bsales Orders

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